Pack 802 Quote

We are both pleased and excited that you are considering joining Lantana Cub Scout Pack 802. It is our sincere hope that you and your son will find your time with the Pack a rewarding and fun experience.

We do have a very active program, with monthly Pack and Den meetings in addition to other events throughout the year. We encourage attendance at as many of these activities as possible and hope that you will be able to attend them all. Most of these activities will assist the advancement of the scout through the Cub Scout ranks earning the scouts badges, belt loops, and other awards.

In addition to an active Scout, we hope that the parent(s) will also become active as well. We have numerous positions available requiring very little of your time. We encourage all parents to consider taking a position or assisting in the various positions and/or events in which they can best utilize their talents and skills to make the unit better as a whole. Don't worry about not being experienced - there are plenty of training classes to help you along the way.

Plus we want you to always remember, if you have any questions and/or comments you should always feel free to contact any of our leaders.

Membership Dues for Pack 802 are $110 per year, per scout.

BSA - Youth Application - Please print and fill out one per Scout.

So if you are ready to join our Pack, there are three easy ways to do so ....
1. You can come to one of our Pack meetings and introduce yourself and present your interest. To do so, just check our calender for upcoming meetings or contact one of our leaders via our contact form and let them know your wishes.
2. You could come to one of our Pack events to see exactly what we do - that way you could observe what we do. Think of it as a try before you join experience.
3. Send an email to for information or answers to your questions.
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