Pack 802 Quote

Yearly Membership Dues - $70 per scout

Based on previous year’s expenses, we estimate a total cost of $110 per scout to efficiently run the Pack for the year. Below is the breakdown of these costs per scout.
Registration fee: $15.00
Insurance: $1.25
Boy’s Life Magazine: $12.00
Pack Tee shirt: $10.00
Den supply fee: $10.00
Awards: $40.00
Pack Software: $1.75
Pact Activity fee: $20.00

Total: $110.00
Registration fee: The fee that is paid to the Boy Scouts of American national organization.
Insurance: Paid to the Longhorn Council to provide accident insurance for all scouts and adult leaders at scouting events.
Boy's Life Magazine: One-year subscription.
Pack Tee shirt: The Pack tee shirt is considered a Class B uniform and will be worn at different events including ones at which we want to be able to identify our Scouts amongst large groups. In addition to providing a sense of "belonging to our Pack" for the scout, it helps all of us keep an eye on our scouts at these events.
Den supply fee: Pays for supplies used by Den Leaders at Den meetings.
Awards: These are the badges, belt loops, patches and medals the Scouts earn throughout the year. This number is an estimate and varies depending on the individual achievements of each Scout.
Pack Software: Includes our Pack website and subscription.
Pact Activity Fee: Pays for Pinewood Derby track rental, trophies, Pack meeting supplies, the Blue and Gold Banquet, Arrow of Light ceremony and all other Pack activities.

Yearly Membership Dues are $70 per scout with the remaining cost to be made up through our yearly fundraisers such as Popcorn sales.

We know that in these economic times family budgets can be tight. For those that need to spread out the dues payment over a few months that can be arranged. We also may be able to offer a scholarship to cover some or all of the dues for families who need this assistance. Please contact the Treasurer for a private and discrete conversation regarding this.

We have expanded our payment options to include PayPal and which allows us to accept credit card payments.

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