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The Pinewood Derby is an annual event hosted by Cub Scout Packs all over America. It is easily one of if not the most popular Scouting events and is without a doubt one of the best known events among non-scouts. Every year millions of scouts along with their parents participate in the event; carving, decorating, adjusting, weighing and then finally racing their Pinewood Derby cars.

The very first derby event was held back in 1953 by Cub Scout Pack 280C located in Manhattan Beach, California after Cubmaster Don Murphy organized the event because his son was too young to participate in the soap box derby. Since that day more than 80 million derby kits have been sold.

Pinewood Derby
Today most of the rules and regulations of the Pinewood Derby remain the same with Packs establishing additional rules related to permitted modifications as technology advances the sport. Never changing are the Cub Scouts and their parents who are still quick to mark the date on their calendars in anticipation of the event.
The primary rationale of the Pinewood Derby, as with most related to scouting is to help the Cub Scout build a team relationship with their parent or adult partner, experience the sense of achievement and the exhilaration of competition where winning isn't the primary objective but instead winning and/or losing while demonstrating good sportsmanship and having fun along the way.

Click here for information about building a Pinewood car and some Derby rules.

Pinewood Derby

Parts and material - each participating cub scout is to build a completely new car each year using the official pinewoood derby car kit (BSA Part #17006). No car or any portion of a car, including wheels and axles, may have been used in any previous year's derby. Upon the request from a judge or race official, the scout will need to provide proof of a car being newly built. Official pinewoood derby car kits, weights, and other optional accessories and kits may be purchased from boy scouts of america approved distributors, the sagamore council service Center, or
Width - maximum overall width allowable, including wheels, is 2 3/4 inches.
Length - maximum overall length allowable is 7 inches. No portion of the car will be allowed to extend forward of the starting gate.
Height - maximum overall height allowable is 5 inches.
Clearance - minimum clearance under the body is 3/8 of an inch. Minimum clearance between the inside of the wheels is 1 3/4 inches.
Wheel base - wheel base is to be approximately 4 1/4 inches. This is measured from the center of each axle, front to back as preset in the official pinewoood derby car kit (bsa part #17006).
Weight - weight cannot exceed 5.00 oz. (141.75 grams). The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight by addition of wood, metal, or any other material, provided they are securely attached to the body and chassis. No loose material of any kind is permitted in or on the car including, but not limited to, liquids. Materials that could potentially be health hazards are not permissible to be used as weight. Lead is permissible for weight provided that it is completely enclosed within the body of the car.
Material - the car body, wheels and axles must be from the official pinewoood derby car kit (bsa part #17006). The car may not ride on any type of springs. Details such as decals, pin stripes, and interior detailing are permissible as long as the car does not exceed the maximum weight. Plastic and metal detail parts are allowed as long as they are securely attached to the body and chassis and do not exceed the maximum length, width and height.
Wheels - wheels must be from the official pinewoood derby car kit (bsa part #17006) or from the optional cub scout derby wheels & axles kit (bsa part #17007). Wheels may be lightly sanded only to remove bumps, burrs and ridges. They may not be shaved or reduced in diameter or width. Wheels may not be beveled, tapered or in any other fashion modified from the original size and shape. Wheels may not be painted. Wheel covers, bearings, washers, and bushings are strictly prohibited.
Axels - the axles (round head nails) must be from the official pinewoood derby car kit (bsa part #17006) or from the optional cub Scout derby wheels & axles kit (bsa part #17007) and may be polished using files, sandpaper, etc. Or by using the pinewood derby high performance kit (BSA Part #7609) to remove burrs, scratches and ridges. The axles may not be machined or reduced in diameter anywhere along the axle shaft. Substituted axles will not be permitted.
Lubrication - only Graphite or White Teflon may be used. All other forms of lubricant (oils, graphite, etc) are strictly prohibited. Any lubrication on exposed surfaces of the wheels, body or chassis is prohibited. Lubricant, if used, must be applied prior to inspection and registration of the car. No lubrication is permitted after registration Or during the derby.
Inspection - the car must meet weight, clearance and size limitations as stated above and use only the materials specified in the parts and materials sections above. A repair table may be made available to make adjustments prior to registration. A car with illegal parts may have them replaced or removed prior to registration and will be allowed to participate in the race with only legal parts. Any car using illegal lubricants will not be allowed to participate.
Handling - only the cub scout who has entered the car or a race official may handle cars being raced.
Alterations - no car may be altered once it has been registered. Damaged cars may be repaired at the discretion of race officials, as long as it does not delay the race.
Reruns - if the starter declares a mistart or a car leaves the track, the race will be rerun. When a car has left the track and requires repair, the judge(s) and/or race official(s) reserves the right to decide whether the car may be repaired and rerun or forfeit that heat. If a car leaves the track twice in the same heat, the car will automatically forfeit that heat.
Participation - every cub scout must be present to race his car and receive any award. Should the need arise, the judge(s) and/or race official(s) reserves the right to allow substitutions.
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